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Suwanee House Painting

One of the main elements of a quality house is well-painted surfaces and structures. This can’t always be achieved by amateur work. Issues like uneven surfaces or colors that don’t work together can arise, especially without an expert’s opinion. The best way to ensure that your Suwanee house painting is of the best quality is to hire a professional painting contractor like Alpharetta Painter.

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Our team of experts is highly respected because we don’t just do the work as it is. We understand the importance of a good paint job, so we dedicate our best efforts to giving people life-changing repainting projects that positively impact them. We offer a complete set of exterior and interior painting services for all kinds of residential buildings, whether they may be condominium units or whole mansions.

Working with Alpharetta Painter guarantees a stress-free process on the part of our clients. From start to finish, we offer stellar customer services that will make the entire project smooth and easy. We can recommend the colors that will work perfectly for your goals.

We will even create a mock up of your home with the colors you’ve chosen so that you can get approval from your HOA.

We can do power washing, mold removal, drywall repair, and other side tasks that are vital in producing high-quality coats around and within your home. Your investment in Alpharetta Painter’s Suwanee house painting services will not go to waste!

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Factors to Consider in House Painting

Painting the full-scale of a house may be possible with amateur skills and tools. It is always wise to consider whether or not you’ll want to have professional help. But as experts in the field, we know that there are certain elements of house painting that only professionals can handle well.

Here are some important considerations that you should take note of as you think about hiring a professional painting contractor for your house.


The size of the house clearly dictates how much resources will be needed to do the full house painting project. Doing it as a DIY project will require you to render a lot of time and effort, and even then, it may not yield the same results as that of a professional’s work. If the total area of the house that needs painting is not very substantial, then perhaps a DIY project would be adequate. However, we highly recommend getting professional services if you’re planning to paint multiple rooms and significant surface space.

Status of paint

The newness of a house is also important to consider. Some houses are brand-new, some are pre-owned, and some are significantly worn out. And you can’t just apply the same painting treatment to all types of paint conditions. There are preparations that need to be done for old houses before coating the units with new paint. Some surfaces may have paint that has already seeped into the walls, making repainting a little more complicated. With a professional by your side, these issues can be easily dealt with.

Interior and exterior

Building interiors and exteriors demand a different approach in painting, especially surfaces that are exposed to the natural elements of the outdoors. Exterior structures require more durable paint and finishes as well as special preparations so they will be more long-lasting. To ensure a hassle-free process, professional services are the key.

Repair work

It is not advisable to paint on surfaces that have signs of even the most minor of damages.

Suwanee House Painting Repair Work 300x200If your walls or pillars have rotten parts or are chipped away, the paint will not properly stick to them. Some minor imperfections can be managed as a DIY thing. But if the problems are too significant, you may be better off with hiring a professional contractor to do the job.

Budget is a massive factor in determining whether you’ll benefit more from a DIY approach or professional help. With Alpharetta Painter, a leading Suwanee house painting company, you can remove all the hassles of these considerations while knowing that you are getting the best pricing deals in the market.

Maintaining Interior and Exterior House Paint

Maintenance is an integral part of taking care of your house’s painted surfaces. No matter how tough the paint product is, your interior and exterior will always be prone to damage, especially parts constantly exposed to human activity or harsh weather conditions.

Here are a few tips on how to properly maintain your house’s exterior paint.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing your painted surfaces is recommended to be done in about five years after they are painted. Other parts like porches and overhangs, on the other hand, must be washed annually to preserve their paint quality. Power washing is very effective in removing accumulated dirt.

Rot prevention

For wooden parts of the house, paint is very beneficial for them as it slows down the rotting process. It is ideal to completely and deeply coat components like sidings and corner boards to optimize their durability. Wooden floors made of planks must also be thoroughly coated so they can be fully protected.

Mold removal

Molds strive anywhere that has significant and regular moisture. The painted parts of your house that you think are constantly exposed to moisture must be extra protected with anti-mold paint to prevent mold infestation for a long time. Additionally, it is advisable to hire a mold removal contractor if you’ve found certain parts of your house that have a significant amount of mold.


Repainting is one of the surest ways to maintain the quality of your exterior surfaces. The general recommendation is to repaint every five to ten years, depending on the visible quality of the paint. But if you are located in an area where the weather is frequently extra harsh, regardless of whether it’s scorching heat or heavy rains, repainting can be done every few years.

Maintaining the visual quality of your interior paint is also important. Here are a few ways to do this properly:

Shades and curtains

Putting shades and curtains on your windows can help protect the paint from harsh sunlight that finds its way into your rooms, therefore slowing down the fading process of the paint. Window tints with UV protectant is a good option if you still want sunlight to enter the house. Additionally, you can also buy UV-resistant paint, which is stronger against sunlight.


Another way to slow down your interior paint’s aging and fading processes are to constantly clear them of spots and stains using a wet sponge. If the marks are too tough, you can also add soap. It’s important to dry the surfaces well after cleaning them to decrease the chance of mold buildup.

Preventing mold with anti-mold paint

Some areas of houses are more exposed to moisture, making them more prone to mold infestation. To prevent this from happening, there are two main options: (1) use anti-mold paint or (2) use a certain cleaning solution made of four parts water and one part bleach to clean the infested areas. However, if the situation is much worse, you might need to call a professional contractor.

These maintenance tasks are important in preserving the quality of your paint. But they are also a little laborious. If you don’t want the hassle of paint maintenance, you can easily call our company and let us do the job for you!

Full-Service Painting Company

Alpharetta Painter is a full-service Suwanee house painting company. We can fully execute any service related to applying and maintaining paint quality of residential and commercial spaces. Whether you need to paint a small room in your home or have a full-scale repainting of a two-story house, we can do the job efficiently, ensuring that every corner, surface, pillar, and structure in your house that needs painting will be coated perfectly with quality substrates.

Suwanee House Painting Full Service Painting Company 300x225Once you contact us for help, we will immediately begin our systematic and effective process. During our free consultation, one of our painting experts will attend to your needs, answer your concerns, and discuss with you all the best options that we can offer. We will gather important information about the project, including your budget, desired schedule, and creative vision. We can also conduct on-site inspections to have a better look at the space that needs to be coated with paint.

After you finalize our plans, we will immediately begin the technical aspect of the project. All our equipment and materials will arrive at your doorstep. All preparations will be done efficiently, including covering all your belongings to protect them from paint splashes and repairing any broken structures that may affect the painting process significantly. Rest assured that we will treat your home as if it were ours, guaranteeing the best possible quality of workmanship that we can offer. Additionally, you can also be assured of safety against lead products, as our company is EPA lead certified and a non-user of lead-based chemicals in our work.

Aside from our top-notch Suwanee house painting services, we also provide the following:

  • Cabinet refinishing and repainting
  • Color consultation
  • Concrete staining and epoxy finish
  • Crown molding
  • Drywall repair
  • Staining
  • Stucco repairs and painting
  • Vinyl and aluminum siding painting
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Power washing

Even after we finish our project with you, we will remain available for any issues that you may have. If you have any questions about maintenance, concerns about our warranty deal, or desire for more services from our company, don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you can. We are glad to be your long-term partner for all your paint and home improvement needs.

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Everyone deserves a home that is visually customized according to their personal preferences, especially in terms of paint quality. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy Suwanee, GA house painting company, Alpharetta Painter is your best choice.

Let us help you have a better home through an industry-quality paint job that fits your budget perfectly. Our team is ready to dedicate their fullest efforts and resources to coating your exterior and interior at a professional level of workmanship. Rest assured that we will follow the agreed-upon schedule and budget. And even after we’re done with the job, you are still welcome to talk to us anytime about all your paint-related needs. Invest in Alpharetta Painter’s Suwanee house painting services today!

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